Tasty Tuesday : Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

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Hello hello and welcome to a Tasty Tuesday adventure! 
During these times, we're trying our best to bring some magic to everyone's home so we decided to start a fun new project- Tasty Tuesday adventures! Each week we'll pick some sort of dish to recreate from theme parks, resorts and movies! 
As two people who uh, don't cook, it should be a fun way to engage with all of you and spread some magic! 
This week we decided to start out with one of our favorites from the Magic Kingdom: Adventureland Cheeseburger Spring Rolls!
These little babies were available right next to Jungle Cruise, mysteriously disappeared and made a big return and have been here to stay. They're a well worth it treat in the parks- and surprisingly easy to make all by yourself! 
First you'll need to gather your ingredients- most are common grocery items so no crazy list of things you have to fight for.

(some substitutes shown)
- 1 1/2 lb. ground beef 
- 1/2 diced white onion
- 1/2 diced pickle
- 4 oz. Velveeta cheese
- 4 tsp. yellow mustard 
- 4/5 shakes of Worcestershire sauce
- 10/15 eggroll wraps 
- Vegetable oil 
  • First, brown ground beef and onions together on medium heat breaking up into beef crumbles. (A good vegan option would Gardein Beefless Ground)
  • After cooked, drain meat, place back onto heat and add cheese. Mix cheese and meat until cheese is melted and all meat is covered 
    (This part takes some stirring and we agreed we could use a little more cheese! We had trouble finding plain Veleeta, so we substituted Mexican Velveeta and couldn't tell a difference. Other substitutes are American cheese slices (just melt over the meat!) and you could also substitute a vegan cheese sauce) 
  • After meat and cheese is completely combined, add to a mixing bowl, stir in pickles, mustard and Worcestershire sauce
    (Even if you don't like mustard, this part is important! It gives it that authentic cheeseburger taste) 

  • Now its time to assemble the rolls! The best technique is to place wrappers in a diamond shape, we used about two spoon-fulls of meat in each. Roll each tightly while folding in the sides and using water to seal up - almost like an envelope. 
    ( TIP: to save yourself a hot mess- clean the meat mess before you start assembling egg rolls. More space and less headache when you're done, and then assemble all the rolls first before you start frying) 
  • Heat about 1 cup of oil in a frying pan to 365 degrees F (ok, if you're like us, and don't have a thermometer- turn the stove to medium heat for about 5 minutes, and then use one small egg roll as a tester. When the oil starts bubbling around the egg roll- you ready)
  • Place 2-3 rolls in the pan at a time, letting them cook 2-3 mins per side, flipping one time
  • Let the oil drain on a paper towel when they're finished 

VOILA! Cheeseburger Spring Rolls right there in your own kitchen. 
We did a live taste test on our GASCO Happy Hour and to be quite honest, really surprised how close to the real thing they are. All around it took about 30/45 minutes for us from start to finish including clean up in between. 

Now our time is stuck debating wether to dip or not. 

Thinking about making them? Make sure to tag us using #gascotastytuesday so we can see! 

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